Elixir Security Limited

Protect your Mobile and Endpoint devices from cyber attacks right now.

Our cloud-based service is powered by an advanced DEEP LEARNING technology that will DETECT & PREVENT any attack before it has executed.

Deep learning is the next step of AI and Machine Learning.

This service can also be paid for on a monthly OPEX budget subscription, avoiding any capital costs during this difficult time.

What Is The Capability?

Protect your endpoints and mobile devices from attacks and exploits with ‘full protection’ in multiple layers, today.

How Does It Work?

By preventing the execution of malware and ransomware through the use of advance machine ‘deep learning’, outperforming the competition in true zero-day prevention.

How Is It Delivered?

As a cloud-based service with an agent installed on mobile devices and endpoints.

How Is It Licensed?

By the number of mobile devices and endpoints, with monthly, quarterly or annual billing.

  • Apple and Android support for Mobile
  • Mac and Windows support for Endpoints
  • Advance ‘deep learning’ technology
  • Static and behavioural Analysis
  • Zero-day malware prevention
  • Prevention 20 days in Advance of Competitors
  • File and File-less Prevention
  • Eliminates Ransomware and Exploits
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